Joanne Sisson

Some of my landscape paintings document locations close to my home in Ballarat, Victoria. These often feature farm vistas or preserved forest environments. In my travels to more remote locations in Australia I have recorded the diversities in vegetation, climate and geology. Recent impacts from human activity into ecologically sensitive places also inform the content of some of my works.

My recent still-life paintings combine a love of the untamed and wild nature of flowers, grasses and tree foliage. I combine this plant life with my collection of glassware. The glassware includes everything from fine crystal vases to utilitarian jars.

To create a playful sense of energy the glass is arranged in clustered groupings to accentuate the refraction of light and the distortions of forms within the glass.

The elegance of twinning vines and bending grasses speak of movement and unfurling new life. To create a sense of balance and unity, the complexity of the foliage is counterbalanced by the careful placement of forms and use of empty space.