Sharyn McCombe

About Sharyn McCombe: 

Sharyn McCombe lives and works on the Mornington Peninsula.

Artist Statement
Rain, mist, fog, clouds, light, weather. These natural elements, and the emotional responses that they can inspire, are key points of focus in my artwork. The dynamic transformations of land, sea and sky catalysed by weather and time of day have always fascinated me. I spend much of my daily life outdoors subject to weather conditions and often look at the radar to gauge if my daily routine will be interrupted. As weather is always in the backdrop of my daily life, it mediates my lived experience. When the afternoon clouds are thick with humidity, I often feel a sense of foreboding. When the sunrise is reflected in morning mist, I feel a sense of freshness and mystery. I wish to communicate these impressions to the viewer and encourage new ways of perceiving the shifting environment surrounding us.

My artwork provides a space to explore and reflect the moods and emotions associated with the tension between stillness and movement in the natural world. This is done through a painterly style that uses oil and canvas and employing techniques such as building up layers of paint, scratching, stencilling or rubbing back and making marks.