Changing Tides

New works by Andrew Hopgood and John Baird

Exhibition Dates:

February 15 – March 3, 2024

This exhibition of paintings and sculpture brings together the work of Andrew Hopgood and John Baird.

Andrew Hopgood’s paintings blur the lines between reality and fantasy as he explores the environmental challenges faced by wildlife. They offer hope too, that endangered species will adapt to an ever changing environment and overcome the challenges of their current situation.

With a lingering aura of nostalgia, John Baird elevates everyday objects such as the sail-boat, ocean tanker, dressing table or floral arrangement from the commonplace. By consciously conflating foreground and background, Baird forges a surreality that adds a dream-like dimension to his constructed spaces, enkindling our memories and inspiring our imaginations.

Andrew Hopgood Artist Video

John Baird Artist Video