‘Fence Line’ 96x152cm Acrylic on canvas

New paintings by

Joanne Sisson

Exhibition Dates:

Aug 27 – Sep 26, 2021

From the time of early hunter-gatherers the practices of humans has been to harvest from the natural world. My current collection of landscapes and still life paintings explores this age-long activity. My observations of farmlands near Ballarat and the seasonal changes in my home garden are the motivation of many of these artworks.  Agricultural practices such as establishing wind-breaks, building reservoirs, fencing paddocks and soil cultivation are of particular interest to me.

Gathering flowers from my rather wild home garden is an activity that nourishes my soul. As the seasons turn my harvest of flowers, leaves and grasses adapt. This in turn affects the direction of my still life paintings. There is a long history of societies who have harvested for culinary and medical benefits. Birds and insects harvest in order to sustain their lifecycle by gathering nectar and pollen from flowers. Harvesting is very much part of the world we live in, possibly with little awareness. We all indirectly harvest from the natural world when we shop for food and merchandise.

(Joanne Sisson, 2021)