Kay Gibson

7.Tyto Alba sml file 61cm x61cm

About Kay Gibson

For most of my life I have lived in the Margaret River region in the beautiful south-west of Western Australia. Inspiration for my art comes from bushwalking, sketching outdoors and observing the natural environment of the many places I visit. Using a combination of drawing, painting and printmaking I endeavour to marry my materials with my subject. Some of my current work is on paper which I blind emboss with endemic plants. I paint my subject in gouache and then use a ‘fumagé’ technique, smoking and adding soot to the paper from a burning candle. Reduction drawing is used to create the final image, mostly of birds and other wildlife. The imprint of the plant and the fumagé relates to fire and regeneration, a constant process in the environment. In other work I combine painting and traditional etching methods to portray my love of nature. I am fortunate to live and work in a place where I can experience the ever-changing natural world. – Kay Gibson

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