Perfect Timing


Perfect Timing

new works by

Eleanor Millard

May 16 – June 2, 2024

Eleanor Millard loves and is enamoured by her surroundings. She paints unencumbered expressing her depth of love for the sea. The mysteries of the ocean and its surrounding buildings are covered throughout this body of work.She is bewitched by the lighthouse – its wisdom, power and vulnerability; a shared communication of light form and sound. She shares with the viewer warm tones and cerulean blues; the energy of these colours exuding their complimentary frequency.
Deep indigo blues have a beautiful range of tones that Millard uses in her monotone works. These deep indigo hues are a recogniseable  signature of Eleanors career collection. The abstract works are her desire for perfect timing; the balance between shape and color represents a part of Eleanors passion for design.
Millard paints in the present. She keeps her work spontaneous, showing and representing her immediate emotions, expressing to you her heart and soul.

Catalogue available by request.

Eleanor Millard – Artist Film