Victoria McCaffrey

I can only see out of one eye, it’s not important which one but this makes everything I see flat, which is why printmaking is so important to me. Heavy out lines and defined structures feature in my work. Whimsical memories of the local coastline contribute to not always accurate renditions of the seaside and coastal areas. I have spent my life here.

The structures that need to be constantly maintained while creating contrasts to the natural environment. The creative practice of always trying new approaches, rebuilding and revisiting familiar sites. I am not so fussed with new locations for inspiration, as much as reinvestigating the local familiar ones extensively. Each time I get the ferry from Queenscliff to Sorrento is a new adventure, everything is a little bit different. My works create a mental map of ‘our end’ of Port Phillip Bay and the surrounding area.

The method of carving the lino, the contact of the pencil to the paper, the flow of the brush loaded with watercolour. The practice of creating. Negative spaces which define the image. Everything is interesting. Overthinking everything seems to be what I do.